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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: General Interest | Published here : 08/10/2017
Magical Door 
By Sadie
Born 2007, F, from Portland, OR, United States
Magical Door
Every day, I always see a three-feet tall silver door accommodating a space near the bookshelf. When I try to open the sparkly door, the handle would try to burn my hand like sizzling sausages in a fry pan. When I try to pick the lock, the door would flash alarming colors, always petrifying me when I was little (I can still scream in fear sometimes). Despite how the door frightened me, I still felt determined to open that silver door one day, but someplace inside me wasn’t really sure.

Ever since I was born, the door was always in our house, waiting for somebody to open it. When I asked my mother what was inside the mysterious door, she would always reply: “You mean the silver door?” and turn silent, pretending to swipe on her phone. After my mom turned silent, I knew that she didn't want to even think about the door for a second.

It’s been eleven years since I was born, and I still haven’t figured out what the silver door was concealing inside. No one in my family had any clue what a room with a silver door would hold either. Therefore, the answer suddenly appeared on my twelfth birthday.

The sun was shining through my bedroom windows one morning. Rubbing my eyes, I stepped out of bed clumsily as if I was a bear awakening from its hibernation. As I picked out a striped shirt and a pair of jeans to wear, I heard a THUMP!!!
Probably my dad stomping out of his room, I thought.
Then, I heard a CREAK!!!
Probably my mother walking down the kitchen, I thought again.

As I stepped out the door, I didn’t hear any eggs and bacon sizzling. It’s 6:30 AM, I realized, glancing at the clock. No wonder there is barely any sound.
As I shuffled to the bathroom, I saw a sparkly door slightly ajar. It couldn’t be the silver door, I thought, it’s always closed. When I walked closer to the bathroom, the sparkly door was still visible. “This couldn’t be happening……” I whispered, sweat dripping down my face.
My mind was chanting “GO INSIDE!!! GO INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!”.
Making sure I wasn’t looking at an illusion, I ran over to touch the shimmering door. My hands felt a surface as hard as wood.
“The silver door……..IS OPEN!!!!!” I shouted, while glancing at my parents’ bedroom to make sure I didn’t disturb anyone. Fortunately, the house was still as quiet as a mouse. “Okay…..” I said as I took a deep breath. “Time to finally see what is inside the door.”

When I was about to push the mysterious door open, I heard a graceful tune coming from my music box on the bookshelf. The tune reminded me of our trip in Paris, France, giving me a bit of nostalgia. Suddenly, the silver door magically opened, brightening my eyes. There, standing in front of me, was the Eiffel Tower. For a second, my jaws fell down my mouth without me even noticing.
“WOW……” I mouthed. “This is extremely cool, but just to make sure, I should try thinking of a city again.” Next to the music box was a postcard of Sydney, Australia, so I quickly murmured: “Show me Sydney, Australia!!!”
As I opened the door, I saw a magnificent sight of Australia’s famous Opera House. “WHOA……..This door is truly MAGICAL!!” I shouted happily.

Finally knowing the mystery of the silver door, I crept back to my room, not wanting to wake my parents.

Fifty Minutes Later...

“RISE AND SHINE, SARA!!” I heard my mother shout. Realizing that I had drifted off to sleep on the bed, I instantly ran to the silver door, making sure the discovery of the magical door wasn’t a dream.
First, I made sure the door was real by touching the solid silver wood. The wood still feels hard, I thought. Next, I tried opening the door. Yep, the door is still open. Finally, I thought of a random city. Orlando, Florida, I thought, my eyes directed to an Orlando T-shirt. Once I opened the door, I saw a scenic sight of Universal Studios. The incident with the silver door was totally not a dream, I thought.

As I walked to the bathroom, something just didn’t feel right. It was like I should travel to one more place before I could do anything else. Hanging next to the silver door, I saw an amusing caricature of my best friend named Rosalie. She moved away to Arizona two years ago because her father found a new job, so I never saw her ever since.
Abruptly, I thought of what was troubling me: I craved of visiting Rosalie.
“Why don’t I just travel through the door?” I said out loud, grinning.
But you will be sneaking out!!!, I thought afterwards.
“Nah, I will be just out for a few minutes!!!” I said with a crafty smile.
Okay, take me to Rosalie’s house!!!!, I thought happily.

Once I opened the magical door, I saw a beautiful house of white and orange standing in front of me. Instantly, I speeded towards the home, the magical door slowly closing without any noise.
A few seconds later, I could hear the sound of feet stepping toward the door. A glamorous woman with soft, brown hair opened the door.
“Sara!!! What a surprise!!!” the woman said politely.
“Hi, Mrs. Chen. Sorry for the unexpected visit.” I replied with the most polite voice I could use. “Can I see Rosalie?”
“How come I hear Sara’s voice?” Rosalie said confusedly upstairs the house.
“Rosalie, Sara’s here!!!” Rosalie’s mom said with a big smile.
Rushing down the stairs, Rosalie speeded to the front door, squeezing me with all her might. “SARA,” Rosalie screamed, “I MISSED YOU!!!!”
“Rosalie,” I said with a trembling voice, “I never got to say goodbye, so I felt really melancholy. You were my best friend in the world.”
“Yeah,” Rosalie said happily, “my dad rushed me in the car before I could even say bye.”
“OH!!! SARA AND ROSALIE, SCHOOL IS ABOUT TO START!!!!!” Mrs. Chen said nervously.
“HOW DID YOU EVEN TRAVEL HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND HOW WILL YOU GET BACK????” inquired Rosalie with a puzzled tone.
“Don’t worry,” I replied, thinking of the silver door, “I’ll write you a letter.”
“Okay.” Rosalie said while rushing to pack her homework. “Bye!”

As Mrs. Chen ran over to the kitchen to pack Rosalie’s lunch, I dictated the silver door to bring me to school. When I stepped in the classroom, I no longer missed Rosalie that much.

Two years later, life finally felt joyful again. As I saw the door close outside my school, I waved to it happily. Thanks silver door, I thought, you are the best!!
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