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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Fantasy / Dreams / Wishes | Published here : 09/21/2017
Magic Pencil 
By RaeAnn
Born 2010, F, from Portland, United States
Magic Pencil
One afternoon, I sat down to do my homework and discovered that my pencil was magical!

My pencil dangled from my fingertips as I tried to focus on the math problem staring up at me from the pink worksheet. It just didnít make sense, I thought. Plus, the teacher never taught us how to do it. I was very confused. My mom and dad were taking a nap upstairs in their room so they couldn't help me. I was alone downstairs. Suddenly my pencil was moving by itself. It was very creepy and cool. I was just going to yell but then I looked at my pencil and it wasnít moving anymore. Then, I flipped through the piles and saw all the pages were complete with answers! I was speechless. When I held the pencil again it didnít move. So, I went upstairs to tell my mom and dad it was dinnertime. Since my homework was magically finished, I took it upon myself to make dinner. For dinner I had made spaghetti. After that my mom and dad woke up and ate dinner. My mom and dad told me to go to sleep soon because tomorrow was the big exam. I almost forgot about it. So I packed my bag and went to my bedroom to sleep. Little did I know, I left the magic pencil on the dining table.

The next day, after finishing my breakfast, I took my backpack and walked to school. As I was getting closer to school, it dawned on me that the magic pencil was still on the dining table! It was super frustrating. When I got to school my class started the math test. I was clueless about the questions. So I thought and thought harder and finally came up with some answers. It took me hours to finish it. A few days later my teacher gave us our tests and told us to not to look at it until we got home. When school ended I looked at my test and it was only B+. It was not that good. I got four questions wrong and was extremely frustrated. This was when I realized to not rely on my magic pencil. I am a smart girl and I should always try my best and never give up.
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