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Story listed as: True Life For Children | Theme: Adventure | Subject: Adventure | Published here : 11/05/2017
Trip to Shogran 
By Shifa Asif
Born 2009, F, from Lahore, Pakistan
Trip to Shogran
On 13 July, we went to Shogran (northern mountainous area of Pakistan) with my own and paternal grand aunt’s family. When we arrived, we had booked two hotel rooms opposite to each other. On the side of my paternal grand aunt’s room, there was a beautiful garden. Sherdil (my younger brother) and I played in it.

The next morning baba (my dad) said, “Should we ride on a horse?” We all said, “Yes!” When I sat on it. I was scared. Baba said, “Should we take a ride on a jeep next?” We all said yes but not me. I cried when we sat on it. It wiggled and wobbled and noticed that my thumb was bleeding.

We travelled to the top of the mountain on the jeep. When we arrived, we had Biryani (a special Asian rice dish) and had fun. We sat on the jeep with my phoppos (paternal aunts) to go back to the hotel. Everyone exclaimed, “What a bad smell!” It was (my younger brother) Sherdil. Everyone laughed.

The next day we drove back home. On the way back, there was a big river called river Kunhaar. We ate mangoes and collected stones by the side of the river. We started off again and in the way I vomited. When we reached, I was relaxed.
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