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Story listed as: True Life For Adults | Theme: Drama | Subject: Despair / Disappointment | Published here : 12/22/2017
By John Filkins
Born 1960, M, from Bellevue/ NE, United States
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I just spent 20 days in a nursing home; watching over my mother as she convalesced and went through rehab. I was with her when she fell, and I figured that, since I ‘broke her’…well, you know. It’s hard not to observe the comings and goings of a place like that. This story describes one of the ‘goings’ I observed. Yes, I am guilty of a little dramatic license. I thought this story might be a little amusing, but it’s actually quite heartbreaking.

He waited patiently among the crowd of people; who were loitering around the entrance. Today was the day of some kind of party, or gathering in the building; so he blended in somewhat. Was it his plan all along? Or, maybe these ‘ripe’ circumstances just demanded that he take advantage of the situation. It was the perfect storm of cover and confusion. Maybe the ‘powers that be’ felt he deserved a shot at slipping out. A shot at freedom; perhaps another opportunity to do all the things he had left undone in his otherwise full life. One moment he was blending in with the crowd; the next, he was out the door.

One could only guess what was going through his mind as he realized that he had made it through. Past the barrier that had confounded so many; his mind raced now that he had broke that, previously unbreakable, plane. But, no sooner than he tasted this first fleeting moment of freedom, he found himself in the grasp of one of his captors. “STOP!” he probably heard, as a rough-speaking, heavy-handed jailer grabbed his arm and pulled. ‘Was there no code of conduct for these ‘monsters’, who were holding him against his will’, he thought; as another guard joined the first.

All was lost. All was, indeed, lost as the ruthless animals (his eyes and mind were seeing), pulled him back into the facility. The actual attendants and voices, which were seen and heard by the lucid people witnessing the scene, were actually gentle and compassionate. “Come on honey… let’s go inside”, one said as he accompanied them back into his ‘prison’. “We’d miss you if you left us Mr. ‘Blank’," the other one added as they gently escorted him.

As the three walked down the hallway, his mind slowed again and began to collect itself. You could almost hear the whirling and clinking inside his head as he began to formulate the intricate details of the next ‘great nursing home escape’.

If you have a friend or loved one in a nursing home, VISIT THEM OFTEN!
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