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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Adventure | Published here : 01/06/2018
Kingdom of Dragons 
By Nicholas
Born 2009, M, from Beaverton, OR, United States
Kingdom of Dragons
“Take that!” Hex shouted, pointing one of his claws at a big sand bag. Hex was a big dragon and he lived in a small cottage made out of wood. The cottage was small but Hex could fit in it. He lived with his aunt, Mary, and his uncle, Ben. He had lived with them since he was born. His father had set off on a journey and never came back.

Suddenly one of the king’s messengers came flying by. He gave Hex a letter that said “come to the kingdom now! sincerely the king.”

"What?!” Hex exclaimed.
Mary and Ben came dashing out of the cottage. “What's the matter?” asked Ben. Hex handed the letter to Ben. he raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw the letter. “Whatever the king tells us to do we do it,” said Mary. “let’s go” said Ben impatiently. “No, i’m supposed to go, because the letter was for me.” Hex said. “Let him go.” Mary said sweetly to Ben. “ok” said Ben. “thank you!” Hex said. And in a blink of an eye Hex was dashing off as fast as a cheetah. On his way to the kingdom a shadow flew across his head. Hex looked up but the shadow was already gone. He was just in time for the meeting with the king.

Hex entered the king’s throne. “Please have a seat,” said the king kindly. “Why did you tell me to come here?” Hex asked. The king sighed. “The legendary dragon jewel is stolen!”

“What?!?!” Hex exclaimed. Hex knew about the legendary dragon jewel, he heard stories about it, he'd even seen it once. “Who stole it?” asked Hex. “I don’t know who stole it,” said the king worriedly. All of a sudden Hex’s mind went blank except for one image, the image of the shadow that flew across his head. Suddenly the king’s golden telephone rang, it rang like a small church bell.

“Hello?” asked the king. “It’s DETECTIVE BRASNO” replied a low voice. “I found out who stole the jewel.” “Who?” replied the king. Hex could tell that the king really wanted to know who stole the jewel. “ERZIN”replied DETECTIVE BRASNO in a deep scary voice. The king was shocked, his mouth was wide open. “Who’s ERZIN?” asked Hex. The king sighed, “you love to ask questions” said the king annoyed. “So” began the king. “Wait what was your question again?” asked the king. “My question was who is Ezrin,” replied Hex. “Ezrin is a evil wizard,” replied the king. “Erzin is eviler than five thousand evil serpents. He is stronger than one million herds of elephants,” continued the king.

“You are going to be assigned to go on a quest to save the kingdom from Ezrin” said the king. “Here are your powers,” added the king. “One is a fire orb and one is a poison orb” said the king. “You can go to the training room to test them out.” Hex went to the training room and tested them out. He pointed the fire orb at a rock statue and fired. The statue collapsed to the ground. He pointed the poison orb at the wall, it melted. ‘these could come in handy’ thought Hex, and with that Hex ran out of the castle and into the sunrise.
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