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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Friends / Friendship | Published here : 01/13/2018
Fallen Ashes 
By Katie
Born 2007, F, from Portland, Oregon, United States
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Fallen Ashes
Exiting with my phoenix, Ember, perched on my arm, I raced towards the opening of the dragons lair. "We aren't going to make it in time!" I screamed as we tried to dodge the fiery flames blasted from the dragons mouth. Ember got hit, but she was immune to fire. We could only escape this lair if we could fly, which is impossible. But, just as if Ember had read my mind, she lifted me up into the air and out of the cave.

"How did you do that Ember?" I asked, while soothingly stroking her glowing feathers. She replied with a chirrup, in a language that only I could understand, magic.

“Quick, let’s get back home, before the dragon gets us, again” I said. “Can you take us home? With magic?” Before I could say anymore, we were soaring through the air. We landed on the lawn of our house.

I was given this magical, immortal animal by a mysterious neighbor a long time ago. My family never knew about Ember because of the invisibility spell I cast on him. I walked right past my sister, Ellie, casually, but strangely, she saw her! She gasped, and screamed, “MOMMY!! KATIE BROUGHT HOME A CRAZY RED PEACOCK!” Ember squawked, appalled of being compared to such a original creature. Mom rushed forward and said, “What are you talking about? IT’S A CRAZY RED TURKEY!” Lily, our dog barked, she was oddly old, forty-five human years old, that’s like three hundred dog years. Ember’s jaw dropped, or rather her beak. I was shocked too, but for a different reason, how come the spell didn’t work when it has worked all the time before? Then it hit me, dragon flames broke any spell or curse in it’s way.

Mom insisted to send Ember to a local zoo or a farm, “There is no way I’m letting a farm animal in our house!” she said firmly. “You will have one more day until we bring your chicken to the farm.”

“Hey! I told you, it’s a phoenix, NOT A TURKEY, OR A CHICKEN, OR A PEACOCK!!”

“Yeah, right.” said Ellie and mom in unison.

“Katie, I know it really looks beautiful and actually like one, but phoenixes don’t really exist and you have to stop believing in magic like a 3 year old.” Mom concluded. I sighed, and said, “I'm going to my room!”

I ran upstairs and opened the window. I whispered to Ember, “fly out to our neighbor’s house, your first owner, the person who gave you to me. Quick! Meet me in the woods at midnight, when I call you, or if you want to come.” Ember dashed quickly and out of sight.

“Katie!” A voice came from downstairs, “Come downstairs!”

“Coming!” I drawled. It was unusual without Ember, strangely quiet without her squawking in my ear about how beautiful her feathers are.

I shuffled down the staircase, and plopped down in the seat across from Mom.
“We need to talk about your phoenix,” she said.
“I know, I know, we’re taking Ember to the farm.” I said with a roll of my eyes.
“The only way you can keep her is if you show me the true power of her, if she really trusts you. If there is a complete bond, then she will learn a new spell. A powerful one, that no one has defeated before.” Mom told me seriously.
“How do you know about all this, you thought it was a turkey!” I exclaimed.
“I know this because, I’m the person that gave you Ember.” Mom sighed, “I need to know if you deserve her.”

Split second later Ember flew in.
“We will decide this with a duel”
“Kay’ but what will you duel with?” Mom pointed at Lily with one hand, immediately, she started to transform, she grew to be a six ft tall dinosaur.
“That's why she’s so old!” I realized.
“Start now!”
As mom and I dueled, I realized she had much more experience than I had. We were losing, but, suddenly I started glowing, so was Ember. She emitted a power and mom and Lily fell back.

“Katie, Ember, you have proven your right.” Mom smiled as she got out. “You have proven that you can handle magic very well.”

I looked at Ember and said, “You and I will have a lot of adventures together.”
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