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Story listed as: Fiction For Children | Theme: Fantasy / Fairy Tale | Subject: Courage / Heroism | Published here : 01/23/2018
The Legend of Captain Jonathan 
By Ayaan Ahsan
Born 2007, M, from Hong Kong, Hong Kong
The Legend of Captain Jonathan
The Legend of Captain Jonathan

Long, long ago, there lived in the mountains of Albania, a young boy full of dreams and desires to do something big in life. He was very brave and courageous. Everyone in his town used to praise him for his daring acts. He was not afraid of anything and used to help out everybody whenever they had any problem. His name was Jonathan.

Jonathan had an uncanny wish to defeat all the evil forces in the world and make it a peaceful place.

As Jonathan was busy learning new skills and preparing himself to face the world, the people in Elbasan, another town in Albania, were struggling to overcome the problems caused by an evil monster, Dronas. Dronas was a huge, slimy, purple-coloured monster with a very long tail. He had the body of a shark and the head of a dragon, always emitting fire. He could fly as well as swim. He loved to catch small children and kill them and eat their limbs. He had created havoc in the town of Elbasan. People had stopped letting their kids out after dark. The kids could not play and could not go to school. They all were very scared.

Then the governor of Elbasan heard about the marvels of Jonathan and sent his men to fetch him.
As Jonathan heard about Dronas, he pledged to kill him and save the people of Elbasan. He set out on his journey to the town of Elbasan.
After travelling for 3 days, Jonathan finally reached Elbasan. He got to know that Dronas comes out only after dark. He knew that dragons are scared of light. So, he prepared a huge torch with a bright beam of light and also bought a big net to trap Dronas. He dug a huge pit where he can make Dronas fall and then he could catch him.

At night, Jonathan hid behind a huge tree. He asked a few kids to help him out in inviting Dronas towards that tree. Dronas heard the kids playing and came out of his hiding. He was taking big steps towards the children when suddenly Jonathan flashed the beam of light on his face. Dronas growled, “Who are you? How dare you tried to scare me? I will eat you up.”

Jonathan said, “Yes, I have come to challenge you. If you can catch me, I promise, I shall let you make a delicious meal out of my limbs." Jonathan actually wanted to take him towards the ditch.

Dronas started walking furiously towards Jonathan but he could not see clearly because of the bright light coming from the torch. Jonathan succeeded in taking him towards the ditch and after reaching there, he said to Dronas, “You think you are very strong, but you could not catch me.” Hearing this, Dronas got very angry and took a big leap, but as Jonathan had planned, Dronas fell into the pit and got caught in the big net that Jonathan had laid out for him. His shark like body got so badly stuck in the net that he could not move at all.

Jonathan immediately took out his shining sword and started hitting Dronas. Dronas kept emitting fire from his mouth but Jonathan had covered himself up in a fire-proof jacket, so he was not getting affected. After a few hits, Jonathan succeeded in cutting off Dronas' head. Dronas cried in pain but could not do anything. He tried moving his tail fiercely but it was badly entangled in the net.

Jonathan, along with other kids, started filling the pit with big rocks and mud. Eventually, the pit got covered with mud and rocks and there was no sight of Dronas.

Everybody was happy that ultimately, they could get rid of the evil monster. Now the kids were free to play and have fun. Now nobody was scared of the dark.

The Governor of Elbasan gave a big reward to Jonathan. Jonathan returned to his town and became a legend forever. Even today, the elders of Elbasan, share the tale of Jonathan’s bravery.
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