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Story listed as: True Life For Teens | Theme: Love / Romance | Subject: Death / Divorce / Loss | Published here : 02/02/2018
I'll Bury Myself 
By Paul Kgaje
Born 1996, M, from Klerksdorp, South Africa
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I'll Bury Myself
When the storm settles
And the naked rose dresses.
When the barking dog is silenced
By the bloody blade as it slices.
When good men cry as evil stare in laughter.
When the demons cheer as the war of humans escalates.
The burning door mirages with golden frames and door knobs.
The lady's tune sang in silence.
Glorious anthems, shameful anthems.
Sinners made saints and saints made sinners.
Painted portraits from years ago, valueless.
Painted portraits from years ago, priceless.
The burning urge roars as figments of memories reawakes as the dead that lives.
Buried gold, seen.
When trouble troubles and fear rules.
Shaking hands of a fool, mindless fool.
When heaven falls and hell rises.
I'll bury myself
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