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Story listed as: Fiction For Adults | Theme: Love / Romance | Subject: Love / Romance / Dating | Published here : 03/07/2018
The Movie Theater. 
By Kevin Hughes
Born 1951, M, from Wilmington NC, United States
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The Movie Theater.
He loved the movies. All kinds of movies. Heck, he could have been a Movie Critic he knew so much about the films. Who made them, the Directors, all of the Actors (no matter how small a bit part they played) even what Studio did the Pre and Post Production Editors. It was his humble private opinion that the Editor, not the Director, really made a film memorable. He had no one to share that opinion with.

In a way, he was a hopeless Romantic; films like "Notting Hill”, "While You Were Sleeping", "Groundhog Day”, or even the animated film: WALL-E, would leave him a weeping sobbing mess. He believed in True Love, second chances, and soulmates. Watching those romantic comedies both accentuated his loneliness but sharpened his hope. Someday…someday…he too would accidentally find his True Love when he wasn’t looking. That thought would make him smile.

And so it was, on a rainy night in late October- when it should have been snowing because of the cold- that he headed out to the Theater on a Tuesday night. They showed old movies on Tuesday at that theater, and this weeks treat was: “Some Like it Hot." One of his favorites. He bought the ticket from Marcy - the old Lady in the booth who had been handing out tickets since before he was born. She called him by name (she knew all the regulars) and they chatted for a few moments since no one else was in line.

He was not surprised that she had seen the movie when it first came out. He was surprised that she knew Joe E Brown. He didn’t know that Joe was from Ohio, and that the Old Lady met him when he worked for a Circus. He would have to look up where Hogan was after the Movie was over. She shooed him in the theater ending their short conversation with: “You get in out of this damp cold before you catch pneumonia. You are here to see a great movie, not to listen to the tales of an old crone.” Her smile as she shooed him with a wave of her hand- let him know just how grateful she was for the few minutes of memory he let her share. He smiled back. Then he turned to walk into the theater…

She was alone on a Tuesday…by choice. Girls as pretty as her could go out every single night if she so desired. She did not so desire. Most men only saw her physical beauty and rarely the sweet and kind person that lived inside that smooth skin. She had stopped dating nearly two years ago- and found she didn’t miss it at all. She did miss companionship. Running her business provided plenty of contact with people, but not plenty of connections with people. She knew the difference.

She saw the Marquee over the Old Cinema: “Tues: Some Like it Hot. Plus three shorts” - on a whim, she decided to eat dinner and then go over and see the Movie. She loved all of the Actors and Actresses in that old movie. It made her laugh just to think about seeing it again. So she went.

“Am I late?”

“Oh, no Miss. The three shorts haven’t even played yet. There is about ten minutes until the Show starts.“

“Oh. Good.”

“You might want to visit the little Museum of Movie Posters next to the concession stand while you have the time. Some of them are quite rare. Mr. Brylstein, the owner, collects old Hollywood Memorabilia and Posters. He has the umbrella from “Singing in the Rain” on display this month.

“Really? The original umbrella?”

“Yep. Take a peek and you will see.”

The old lady handed her her ticket. Shooed her on her way with a smile and a wink. A wink that told her it was the real original umbrella that Gene Kelly somehow transformed into a dancing partner. She winked back.

He was standing in front of a Movie poster, bent over slightly to read the small credits at the bottom. He was so intent that he didn’t notice her quiet steps as she gently approached where he was standing.

“What are you looking for?”

He heard her voice, he knew it was a woman. The question seemed to be filled with genuine curiosity. Without looking up he said:

“I was certain that Mary Wicks and Jack Albertson were in this film. I am checking for her name."

“Who are they? Are they famous?”

His laugh was almost child like. A simple laugh devoid of any pretense or artifice. She liked his laugh, and imagined his smile was as gentle as his laugh.

“Hardly. Well, in a way I guess. They are character actors. The ones you see in a film and go: “Hey that is the girl from Sister Act! I think she was in White Christmas too.” And Jack is the same way. You probably remember him as the Grandpa in Willy Wonka.”

She clapped her hands in glee.

“I don’t know his name, but I know what grandpa you are talking about, the one that takes Charlie to the Factory!”

The man stood up and turned to face her- his smile was as gentle and honest as his laugh.

“Yes, that is the one. Jack Albertson was his name.”

“How do you know all this? Are you a script writer or director?"

The man blushed. She liked the honest red that rose on his neck and cheeks. It made her think of a Christmas Bulb, with all the joy and merriment that brought her seeing the reflection of the bulbs in the snow. Christmasy, yes that is the look he had about him.

“Oh no. Just one of those nerdy movie freaks. You know, the kind you find haunting old movie houses looking for obscure character actors listed on the Posters.“

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing, I guess.”

But the way he said it, made her sure that he was kind of ashamed of revealing how he must look to a stranger.

She turned another Poster towards him- covering the bottom of the poster with her long coat- she faced the Title towards him:

“Alright. Let’s test your Nerdyness. Who was in this Film besides the Stars?”

He barely glanced at the poster, looked up for a second and then rattled off about a dozen names. Names that she vaguely recalled. He didn’t stop with their names, but also rattled off the other films she might have seen that had those actors in it too.

She was stunned by both his confident recital of actors and the movies they played in- and by how many of those movies she had seen…but didn’t know those characters were in them.

He wound down and stared at her for all the world like a kid in front of class wondering if he was going to get a gold star …or not. So that is how she reacted.

He watched as she pulled his coat open to put something on his lapel. He was spellbound, clueless and thrilled, quite the combination for a young male to feel in front of a beautiful woman.

“Wha…wa…what are you doing?”

There was no fear in his voice. Just a tinge of wonder.

“I am giving you a Gold Star for your recital.“

He laughed. So did she.

Then, surprising both her and him- she reached up and gave him a quick (but firm) peck on his cheek.

“There. That goes with the Gold Star. You earned it.”

In a slow dream like fluid motion, he pulled his lapel up to see if there was indeed a Gold Star there. He felt like there was. Then with that same dream drift motion his hand went up to where her lips had touched his cheek briefly. He could still feel the warm wetness, and a little bit of sticky lipstick. He stared at the red reminder on his fingers.

“Oh. I am sorry. I left a little lipstick on your cheek. Here…let me get that.“

She wet her two fingers and started to wipe the lipstick off his face, much as a young mother removes chocolate from a toddler. He grabbed her hand before the treasured stain could be erased.

“I kinda want that to stay there. You know, to remind me that this wasn’t a dream. I may not wash my cheek again in this lifetime.“

His voice was so honest, so real, so dripping with wonder and gratefulness. That she impulsively put her hand around his neck pulling him in soft surrender towards her lips. She kissed him on the mouth- lips pressed slightly apart, but full warm and willing.

He didn’t know what to do, but to give in, and give back. He hadn’t ever kissed a woman since High School- and he had never had a girlfriend. Nature and romance have a way of making instant experts out of us all. That return kiss was one of those.

Still holding onto both of his lapels, she leaned back from the kiss…startled by how right it felt. Her eyes locked with his like children playing on a swing, everything but the moment abandoned to irrelevant.

“You aren’t going to wash that one off either?”

She giggled up at him.

Before he could answer, she ran her tongue slowly over his lips.

“I will lick it off for you.”

When she stopped, to lean back and look at him- he had that lovely rose blush again, but a wicked little gleam in his eyes.

“Don’t forget the one on my cheek.”

The impish feeling swelled up in her heart, then ballooned into every part of her being. She turned his head with her two hands, got up on her tippy toes, and licked his cheek. Settling back on her feet, still holding his head in her hands, she smiled fiercely into his eyes.


Just then the lights flickered twice. The Old Lady from the booth’s voice came over the speaker system: Showtime in One Minute, please take your seats. Her voice was much younger than her appearance -and it encouraged folks to politely take their seats.

The nerdy movie buff reached up and took one of the Pretty Ladies hands in his, lowered it to his side, turned towards the nearest entrance and said:

“Shall we?”

She snuggled her hand into his, holding tight knowing she was never letting go of this man. His grip back said the same thing.

“Yes. We shall.”

The movie started. The laughter began. The only thing different was that this time, the laughter was shared. And Tuesday for two people became their favorite day of the week, and of their lives.
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